Samsung Series 7 Slate – and Win 8 CP


My new Samsung Slate 7 arrived on Wednesday morning, and after playing with it for 24 hours I’m extremely impressed!

It’s fast – the i5 processor runs a treat and lapped up everything I threw at it, and the 64GB SSD certainly runs well. It came packaged with a dock and Bluetooth keyboard – both of which are well designed. The keyboard is compact, but the keys are well spaced which means typing if comfortable.

I’d only had it for a day when Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released, so I had the team install Win 8 on the Samsung Slate.

My first impression…. Win 8 is a game changer!

I’ve been using it now for a couple of days, and besides having to try to undo 10 years of learnt habits (I find myself going to the bottom left to click or touch on the non-existent Start Button), I’m very impressed!

I’ll post more about Win 8 on this amazing State soon!

But for now – I’m very happy with my new toy, and it’s got me wondering – what’s the future device going to look like for our staff?



Windows Tablets in a Primary Class


We’ve just launched an exciting new Pilot project in our Junior

The idea is to Pilot how Windows Tablets can be used in a Primary
class to enhance student learning.

Forget iPads – let’s give the kids something with grunt that runs real
applications and see what they can do!

Posts from me, the technical team, the teachers and our eLearning
coordinator will follow!